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Digital inclusion is key to our work helping socially disadvantaged people transform their lives

We can’t delay: It’s time to
fix the digital divide

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National Lottery Community Fund

Being digitally literate is no longer a luxury

It is a must-have-skill in order to manage information, communicate, manage money, access support and government services. Ultimately, digital inclusion enables people to be more in control of their lives. It is time to change the narrative and promote access to the internet as an essential part of everyday life. 

Digital Skills and Inclusion
Digital exclusion is often invisible and misunderstood. It tends to be considered a challenge only for older people, but our user numbers show the extent to which younger, working-age adults can also be affected. This needs to be seen as part of the downward cycle of deprivation and poverty. Money related problems, unemployment and digital exclusion are complex and entrenched issues which cannot be tackled separately, on the contrary, they are usually deeply interconnected.

Skills Enterprise has been at the forefront of digital skills training throughout Newham, working in partnership with Newham Council, Community centres and Voluntary organisations since 2011, playing an integral role in bridging the digital divide.

Striving for 100% Digital Newham

Our project helps people develop their digital skills, awareness and confident to learn new things,
live more independently and connect with their community.  


A voice that can be heard

Digitally excluded people also lack a voice and visibility in the modern world, as government
services and democracy increasingly move online

Newham Digital Hub’s VISION

A society where people have equal access to information and services where technology is
not a barrier, and everyone can be safer online

Basic digital skills

The courses reflect the new Essential Digital Skills Qualifications (EDSQs) and will
help learners prepare for them

Everyone connected

As part of our Digital Inclusion Project, we work with our supporters (including Good Things Foundation, Newham Council, Vodafone and Power to Change), and through the Everyone Connected Initiative to continue our new service of distributing digital devices, data and connectivity to our users.

Closing the digital divide requires investment of money, time and ideas. We strive hard to provide innovative solutions to accessing equipment, providing affordable internet packages for those on low-incomes, and improving digital skills and accessibility. Everyone Connected initiative aims to tackle the growing crisis of digital exclusion by providing devices, data
and connectivity for distribution to children and young people in families who are digitally excluded and who do not have, and cannot afford, a device and connectivity and therefore cannot access critical digital services.

Want to be a
digital champion?

Become one & help people with basic digital skills

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