Community cohesion

Essential to improving people’s quality of life - We facilitate a wide range of events and celebrations that are local, national and international

Bringing all together

We use our everyday activity platform to share learning with each other about different beliefs and cultures.

Celebrating as a community


Bridging the divide through training

Spoken, written and creative English Classes - Along with supporting users with digital training we also offer
creative English session to help Spoken English Barrier. This fresh approach to English language learning, focus on supporting adults with no or low levels of English to better integrate with their local communities.

Social & cultural events

Social and cultural events provide a positive and engaging environment that creates a sense of belonging and connection when so many experience isolation and loneliness. We deliver a range of community and social events linked to cultural, civic and community developments including linking with UK parliament Week with the Mayor of London’s office to help with voter registration and with the annual Shout Out UK campaign in November.

Community event celebrations are a great way to bring neighbours together to get
to know each other better. Our events are informal, resident-led events have a positive and lasting impact on
the communities that take part. Our events help reduce isolation and loneliness, strengthen community spirit and
civic pride and bring people of different ethnic backgrounds together.

An year long events calendar

Other cultural celebrations included cooking and social events online, Cinema together events, community
breakfasts, Black History Month, International Women’s Day, and using our weekly Digital Café as a place to
connect with others in the community.
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