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Funded by
The Pathways to Economic Opportunities programme, by the London Community Foundation and JP Morgan, supports Black and Minoritised ethnic-led ‘by and for’ organisations providing employment, enterprise and financial health (EEFH) services in London.

We can hep you

Overcome challenges including access to mental health and debt advice. Build your skills and confidence using resources on our Employment Support Hub Find the right job for you with links to vacancies and opportunities.

There is an unprecedented challenge of today’s economy to get into the job market which can only be overcome with the right skills training. We are very proud to announce that Skills Enterprise uses innovative tools to support over 183 users from June 2022 till today.

With the efforts of our experiences and qualified staff, around 140 of our users got their stand-out CV. By receiving our digital training, around 150 of the users are now able to go online and apply for jobs. We provide tailored employment sessions based on the individual needs to get them Job Ready. We believe in being a part of the user’s journey, helping them feel confident to achieve their career goals.

We follow the following steps to complete users journey: 


Skills Assessment

We believe that there is a huge potential in all of us and we all have the capability to achieve our dream careers goals.
We use various tools to assess the skills and then based in that work on the Long Term and Short Term goals.

Removing Barrier From the Career

Based on the skills assessment we navigate the employment barriers like language, disability, lack of confidence,
digital skills, lack of UK qualification, how to write a stand out CV, international qualification assessment, career gap, carer responsibility, enterprise, interview skills to name a few. Since we pioneer the digital skills training, we are well equipped to get the users job ready by helping them to become the digital champion, which carve the pathways to employment

Journey with Users

We build and work on the long term relationship with our users. We follow various ways to support them whether in collaboration with other organisations, running Job Club webinar, visiting job fair , 1-2-1 sessions, direct brokerage with the employers. We provide them holistic support and support them to achieve their career goals without any time constraints.

Impact made & journey of our users

Saranya's success story

Who came to us to learn English and went on to
get a job in NHS as a nurse

Job club sessions

Through our job club sessions we help prepare our users for their next job! Job seeking support includes CV preparation classes and visits to job fairs. We know our community is brimming with potential, we just help remove the barriers. 

"This has given me so much confidence"

User, Camille Morris, shares her experience with the 13 week job club workshops. Gaining confidence and motivation is a major milestone in job hunting. 

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