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Debt Free Advice mobile bus

In partnership with Mayor of London and Newham Council we arranged the mobile centre to come to Skills Enterprise on 29.11.2022. This offered free, expert advice on debt, benefits, and other money
worries. With many people impacted by the rising cost of living, the bus served as an in-person advice centre.

Funded by
Trust for London

Welfare / Benefit guidance

We provide holistic support, providing impartial and confidential advice to people from all walks of life. With our experience of working with the London’s most poverty stricken BAME Community of Newham, we observed that the cause of poverty in any community is multi-dimensional. 

To tackle the Poverty at the grass root level, we felt an urgent need for a structure that is based on the Holistic Support Model. For example, when a user who is on Universal Credit needs employment support, then we also give advice on how his new job can affect his benefit.

How we help

1-2-1 free welfare benefit guidance

Universal credit online application

Change of circumstances benefit application

Household Bills & credit card debt (signposting to debt advice service)

Navigating benefits you are entitled to

Household support fund distribution to tackle cost of living

Debt free London kiosk - to connect you to qualified debt advisor

Money management workshops

How to manage money online

Individuals pushed into crises
due to COVID-19

Refugees and migrants

Other vulnerable individuals
or communities

Support, advice and guidance


3 basic online digital training

Online Banking, Online Budgeting, Online Benefit training so that you can take control of your finances. This will help you to get your finances back on track.

Financial Health assessment

If you want to pinpoint the financial area you really need advice with and where to get that advice, then we suggest you take part on our online financial health assessment which is based on very simple and practical questions.

Referrals and Signposting

We work very closely and provide referrals and signposting to other organisations for the specialist professional advice and legal support. For eg. Citizen Advice Bureau, Turn2us, Money A&E, Cleanslate , Newham money and Debt Free Advice
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