Who we  support

What ever good things we build,
end up building us - Jim Rohn

Our vision

To include and empower vulnerable people in Newham,
especially those from marginalised communities. Together we achieve more.

Who we support

Skills Enterprise supports Newham’s residents experiencing barriers, from homelessness, debt, language and food insecurity, to unemployment, low income and digital exclusion. Our initiative predominantly serves BAME residents, and our initiative also helps them address the racial discrimination they face when seeking support.

More recently, our service extends to domestic violence and lack of support networks. 

Primary target users

Children and young people from low income families

Communities facing health

Elderly people

Individuals and communities
living in poverty

Individuals experiencing domestic or other abuse

Individuals experiencing

Individuals experiencing
mental health conditions

Individuals experiencing

Individuals experiencing well-being concerns, loneliness and isolation

Individuals pushed into crises
due to COVID-19

Refugees and migrants

Other vulnerable individuals
or communities

Our approach

We do our work through one-to-one appointments, classes, workshops, individual support and celebrating together as a community. Our basic assumptions are that:

  • Those who lack even the most basic digital skills are limited in navigating the modern
    environment, since online competence is now required to apply for benefits, arrange a grocery delivery, or to book a doctor’s appointment
  • People will have more chances and be more employable if they have basic digital, language and communication skills
  • People will be more empowered if they can understand their rights and navigate the public and political systems

Our objectives

  • Increase digital competence, especially among the middle aged and elderly
  • Improve the employability or capability of local people
  • Foster a deeper understanding of rights and responsibilities
  • Foster community cohesion and participation - connect with community

Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty
and the test of our civilisation.

Mahatma Gandhi

Our values

Bringing change

We are passionate about bringing change to marginalised communities and working towards a better society where people are supported to thrive


We are ambitious and not afraid to innovate, take risks, and push for change to break down barriers people face, strengthen our participants skills to move forward, foster connection


We listen and learn from our service users and stakeholders to understand the challenges people, communities and our partner organisations face and we commit to act on evidence and knowledge to make lasting change happen


We are inclusive we support one another, and together build a safe, happy, space where everyone is embraced, trusted, and valued so they can be themselves and fulfil their potential + Connect

People first

Understanding individual challenges with people first approach


We provide individual assistance at critical times.


We work without prejudice and respect people’s differences


Enabling people to find their own solutions by being independent

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